84,000 acres of national forest leased

The Great Lakes’ importance to Michigan can’t be overstated. Yet despite their beauty, immense popularity and importance to Michiganders, the lakes and their surrounding forests are being threatened by water contamination, toxic waste spills, and more.

The culprit? Fracking, the dirty drilling process that’s rapidly expanding across Michigan. The oil and gas industry has leased 84,000 acres of national forest along the Great Lakes—putting our lakes and the waterways that flow into them in harm’s way. The Great Lakes are just too important to put at risk of toxic fracking pollution. So Environment Michigan is working to protect the Great Lakes by keeping this land off-limits to fracking.

A direct threat to the Great Lakes

Fracking doesn't belong in Michigan—least of all anywhere that puts our Great Lakes directly at risk. The oil and gas industry has won loopholes in some of our nation's cornerstone environmental laws that let them get away with setting up shop on protected lands and poisoning surrounding waterways like the Great Lakes. And now they’re leasing up thousands of acres of mineral rights in these sensitive areas. To protect our lakes from fracking—and the toxic waste, deforestation and spills that come with it—we’re working to close these loopholes in our environmental laws. We’re rallying homeowners, businesses, elected officials and others to keep the lakes, and all of Michigan, safe from fracking.

Urgent action needed

There’s so much at stake, and we know the public is on our side. But the oil and gas industry isn't going to give up without a fight. They’ll do everything in their power to keep fracking booming in Michigan—regardless of the huge risk the process poses to the Great Lakes, our forests, and our health.

Together, we can win

Taking on the oil and gas industry and protecting the Great Lakes and their shores from fracking is a huge challenge. But together, our staff, allies and supporters like you can build momentum to close these industry loopholes and keep the Great Lakes safe.

By taking action online, you can show your elected officials that the public overwhelmingly wants to protect the Great Lakes from fracking.

Join our campaign today. Click here to help protect the Great Lakes from fracking.

Great Lakes updates

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